SLO Support

MOIT specializes in supporting SAP SLO (System Landscape Optimization) based services executed by SAP on client environments to meet the organization goals. We play the role of internal PMO for Customer IT/Business Organization and provide Data Support function in IT/Functional Mapping and work closely with SAP to achieve the desired delivery of solution.

The System Landscape Optimization Group from SAP Consulting can help clients quickly adapt SAP environment to ever-changing requirements – harmonizing and consolidating landscapes and data sources faster than ever before.

  • Support smooth mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and internal reorganization
  • Rely on our experts to help you evaluate, prepare, and execute harmonization projects
  • Facilitate system consolidation projects and create simplified, flexible IT landscapes

Services for Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures, Internal Reorganizations

MOIT has expertize in NF Metal processing, Variant Configuration, and implemented Enhancements provided by SAP in Finance, Costing, Sales and Distribution, Materials Managements, Production Planning, and Logistics Execution using DIMP Enhancements provided by SAP and Custom Enhancements.

Business Unit Reorganization

Realizing internal reorganization on the IT level, which may include legally mandated projects to streamline business processes, such as reallocating or moving plants across regions/countries

Unification of SAP ERP for Finance and Controlling

Implement organizational measurements: supports the introduction of standard financial guidelines by using prescriptive standards; optimizes processes; verifies all accounting information changes on chart of accounts or complements fiscal-year projects.

Unification SAP ERP for Logistics and Operations

Supports the conversion of customer, vendor, and material numbers, while adapting to changing business conditions such as merging a new plant into a system landscape.

Currency Conversion

Advises and helps your organization implement legally driven currency conversions: decimal points, generic local currencies (by organizational unit, for any source or target currency); modification of parallel local currencies; and changing group currencies.

Data Migration for SAP ERP HCM

Restructuring of SAP solutions for human resources by merging HCM organizational structures and transferring HCM data – quickly and securely – between SAP systems; helps organizations verify the consistency and continuity of migrated HCM data and supports correction runs and retroactive accounting activities.

SAP System Landscape Consolidation and Harmonization

Provides guidance for consolidating the system landscape in various ways: Supports the planning and realization of a system landscape consolidation at the client level, helps organizations set up a multi-client system for simplifying or centralizing the system landscape; assists organizations in selecting the appropriate application data (sales orders, invoices, and serial numbers) to transfer including SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP SRM.

SAP Test Data Migration Server Implementation

Implements and configures SAP Test Data Migration Server for SAP ERP systems and industry specific solutions; helps you create non-productive system landscapes quickly and cost-effectively, based on a reduced data volume, keeping business objects and processes consistent.

SAP System Landscape Archiving Integration

Supports data archiving across an entire SAP environment, helping you relocate and store large data volumes. Provides a uniform methodology for cost-effectively managing data to support the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management and a secure method of data removal and management across your SAP solutions.

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