MOIT specializes in BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) with successful projects delivered with our Cable/Telecom clients; We have built templates using existing business Processes, Configurations of North America/European SAP Implementations and Added Localization Configuration, and Integrated with Local Regulatory Applications.

Towards the end of 2010 SAP AG co-chief executives Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott told the SAP community that the company was welcoming a new round of growth, and it was being led by emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, China and India (BRIC).

As with the other BRIC countries, once transnational corporations begin to locate to these emerging markets the demand for IT infrastructural and software solutions can soar, and is the demand for SAP Solutions.

But it isn't simply that international organizations are relocating to BRIC countries. The economies of these nations are very much creating their own growth opportunities, and their own implementation challenges, legal frameworks, and regulatory reporting needs.

SAP Rollout in Brazil

Nota Fiscal, Tax Determination, CFOP, SPED Legal Reporting (EFD, ECD, Contribuições)

Due to the complexity of its legal and fiscal regulations and the frequency of legislative amendments, Brazil presents the biggest challenge for introducing and operating an SAP platform.

MOIT has designed, configured and developed SAP Templates/Solutions for Brazilian production and sales locations for several customers and built several lasting local partnerships that work with us in SAP localizations. This experience made us the industry leaders from North America based consulting firms to successfully execute SAP implementations in Brazil.

With a central PMO approach, we implement Brazil projects holistically right from the design through implementation to ongoing support, we provide assistance from a single source without clients having to deal with local consulting resources. This ensures that central North American/EMEA template specifications are also implemented blending in with localization. BRAZIL Special Expertise: Country Specific Requirements/Solutions

  • Nota fiscal including electronic connection to SEFAZ (NFe)
  • DANFe
  • NCM material classification
  • Tax calculation
  • CFOP determination
  • Material ledger
  • SPED reporting (EFD, ECD, Contribuições)

SAP Rollout in Russia

Legal Reporting - TORG12, TORG10, GTD, Profit Tax Accounting, and Cyrillic Forms

In Russia, the legal requirements for forms and reporting are extensive and set out stringent guidelines. The fines and legal ramifications are huge. The forms are subject to continuous change. The use of Cyrillic is obligatory on all official forms and it is extremely difficult to meet the necessary requirements without a Russian native speaker. MOIT implemented solutions remain template-compliant. MOIT consultants and local partners operate in the national language of Russia which allows us to fulfill the frequent changes to legal requirements to be speedily incorporated post-go live operations upon successful SAP implementation. RUSSIA Special Expertise: Country Specific Requirements/Solutions

  • Customs declaration number (GTD)
  • Classifications, tax data, and registrations: OKPO, INN, OKEI, OKPD, OKDP, OKVED, OKOPF, OGRN
  • Profit tax accounting (PTA)
  • Special ledger (sales, purchasing)
  • Cyrillic script
  • Legal reporting
  • Tax determination
  • Adequate use of SAP enhancement packages
  • Form management with Adobe, paper-based processing
  • Import and export process solutions

SAP Rollout in India

Product Classification, CIN Functions, Central State Tax (CST), and CENVAT India also has an extremely complex tax system along with Central Value Added Tax (CENVAT) – a special tax on consumption requirements. A good working knowledge combined with a functional knowledge of the SAP country version for India (CIN) help to model the relevant data. Detailed reporting of financial and fiscal data is required. Inexpensive local consultants who are managed centrally, locally hired, expertly trained, and deployed for specific project tasks. MOIT has India Operations and has several implementations partnered with other 1st level implementers, and business acumen to deliver the India localization successfully.

INDIA Special Expertise: Country Specific Requirements/Solutions

  • Central excise
  • Customs duty
  • Sales tax (VAT/CST)
  • Service tax
  • Tax deduction at source (TDS)
  • Import and export process solutions

SAP Rollout in Brazil

Golden Tax, PRC GAAP, Free-Trade Zone, Bonded and Non-Bonded Warehouse

China has its own requirements for accounting (Chinese GAAP) and associated legal reporting. A Golden Tax solution with an interface to the SAP ERP system is mandatory for legal reporting. Reports and documents to Chinese business partners must exist in the Simplified Chinese language.

Specific business models (free-trade zone, bonded and non-bonded warehouse processes, export VAT reimbursement, etc.) increase the complexity. There are considerable language and cultural differences, MOIT executes projects partnering with local consultants.

CHINA Special Expertise: Country Specific Requirements/Solutions

  • Golden Tax – VAT Reporting/SD Invoicing
  • Golden Audit – extended documentation of financial closes
  • PRC GAAP – Local Accounting Standards
  • Warehouse – bonded Vs non-Bonded warehouse/stock
  • Currency/Exchange Rate Fluctuations

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