Mill Products

Magnum Opus simplifies integration of the Mill Products business processes and technology. We address all segments and phases of the industry, from steel, paper, wire, cable, plastics and conduit; if the product rests on a reel, roll, or in the form of pipe, we have the solutions.

Our expertise focuses in these key areas:

  • Sales and Configuration of products and supporting services,
  • Extended Supply Chain,
  • Global Financials, Reporting and Analytics.

For Sales, we provide visibility into your current sales and insight into your forecast. We design, implement and support the processes and tools to help attract customers, present quotes, convert to orders and on-time fulfillment. Integrate these processes into pricing, rebates and discounts, promotions and special offers, customer lifecycle management (CRM) until you have line of sight with your sales processes.

The Extended Supply Chain is complex and critical for Mill Products. Managing length-based products requires visibility into your inventory levels. Our solutions help optimize the production schedule, reduce cutover time and inventory and material levels. Our solutions leverage your technology in order to streamline your processes and ultimately save costs and minimize IT complexity. If your primary product is conduit, steel and non-ferrous metals, pulp, paper or fibre-optic, we integrate manufacturing, logistics, procurement, export / import through our Best Practices to deliver efficient solutions that deliver ROI.

In a global economy, your ability to record and report financial and managerial results, supported by strong, effective analytics is critical. Long term success is dependent upon the timely reporting of your global financials and analytics model. Whether your are in Brazil, China, India, Israel or in North America, you need a design that supports your global financials, reporting and analytics requirements.

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