Magnum Opus simplifies integration of the automotive business processes and technology. We address all levels of the automotive industry, from original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, customers, sales, service, parts and warranty.

Our expertise focuses in these key areas:

  • Sales and Configuration of vehicles; automobiles, trucks, recreational,
  • Extended Supply Chain,
  • After Sales and Warranty Management.

For Sales, we design, implement and support the processes and tools to help customize and build vehicles. Integrate these processes into pricing, promotions and special offers, customer lifecycle management (CRM) until you have a satisfied customer.

The Supply Chain is complex and undergoing fundamental changes. Integrating manufacturing, logistics, export / import through electronic business processes and IT is critical to supporting the global vehicle market. Having experts that know the industry and can leverage technology helps to streamline your processes and ultimately save costs, minimize IT complexity and serve your customers.

After Sales and Warranty Management is how you retain a customer for life. Having the ability to check on a mobile device the status of a part and if covered under warranty help improve your customer's satisfaction. Providing the ability to better predict the true cost of repairs, parts and warranty costs builds a more effective business that is ultimately more profitable.

The SAP for Automotive solution portfolio combines SAP Business Suite applications with tailored functionality to help automotive companies – including original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, importers, sales, and service organizations – gain a competitive advantage by integrating the entire engineering, manufacturing, supply, sales, and service business chain.

Our industry experience can help you meet these challenges and make your business more efficient and competitive. And we will help you collaborate easier with your customers through innovative procedures. MOIT delivers SAP Automotive Industry solutions and consulting services that enable automotive companies of small and medium size businesses to meet these objectives. We have 10+ years of experience in helping automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers, suppliers stay ahead of their competitors.

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