MOIT specializes in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps Companies sustain maximum return on assets − assuring uptime, ensuring safety, mitigating risks, and reducing maintenance costs. Recently, an international consensus on asset management has resulted in a new ISO 55000 standard for asset management replacing PAS 55. ISO 55000 compliance can be challenging without having right processes and systems in place that integrate your Asset ecosystem.

Structured and disciplined EAM can result in -

  • Cost-effective Asset management
  • Reduce disruptions to Equipment and On-time metrics
  • Improve product quality & Customer satisfaction
  • Standard set of processes for workers
  • Environmental, Health, Safety and statutory compliance

MOIT has expertize in NF Metal processing, Variant Configuration, and implemented Enhancements provided by SAP in Finance, Costing, Sales and Distribution, Materials Managements, Production Planning, and Logistics Execution using DIMP Enhancements provided by SAP and Custom Enhancements.

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